In the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, halfway between Europe and North America, was an uninhabited island, where for 16 million years migratory birds in the millions were the only visitors. Each spring they landed on the shores of an island where only the Arctic Fox represented the class of mammals. That is until 1144 years ago. With the arrival of Nordic and Celtic settlers, viking farmers, a well documented history began, living firmly within 800 years of literature. Fast forward, and today you now find a small island nation, 330.000 inhabitants, close to 2 million tourists, and a melting pot of stories, from the Natlantic. 

Svavar Jónatansson brings you stories and experiences from his native country of Iceland, while often connecting subjects and situations to the wider world, through those that arrive from afar, whether tourists, immigrants, guests or any other category they might fall into. The Natlantic is where stories, like the ocean currents, mix and get shared.