This weeks episode is based on the idea of asking you questions, in hopes to offer some sort of dialogue, though only internal, about various aspects of your life, feelings, and perceptions thereof. Prepare for a flow of questions and thoughts ranging from Wilderness First Aid to mental stability, offering no answers, unless the one´s you are willing to give, to yourself. 

Music played by Santiago Cardonas, recorded in Granada, Spain, 2016. 

Life is now

We join Icelander Björn Ragnarsson on a personal journey down the Camino de Santiago through his memories and reasons behind his choice. Confronted with darkness, the search for light led him to the pilgrimage which starts in France and ends in Santiago in Spain. Along the way was the process of self discovery, shedding the past and overcoming personal stuff. Known as the Road of Jacob in Icelandic, it is an international attraction with a reach well beyond its christian origin as a pilgrimage.