Mare Cronium

The name used centuries ago by scholars far in the south, referring to the Arctic Ocean and the top of the world. In this episode we join an expedition in 2012, organised by the University Centre of Svalbard (UNIS) with the goal of reaching into the arctic sea ice in the north. 

For photographs taken during the expedition, by Natlantic host Svavar Jónatansson, click HERE

For further insights into the science and the involvement of those featured in the show, please visit the links below. 

Cecilia Bitz, Professor, University of Washington

Ana Cecilia Peralta Ferriz, University of Washington/Fulbright Scholar

Frank Nilsen, acting Managing Director of UNIS

UNIS (The University Centre in Svalbard)

Earth Vision Institute

Raw and rushed (re-edit)

With no material at hand and a heavy work schedule I set out to make a show on the spot, by a gas station in the south of Iceland. The aim was to only do a rough episode that only included voice over recordings made on the spot and save on the extra work. The content came through asking random people questions about what had been on the top of my mind during the last days. The time I planned on investing grew, at the cost of delivery, explaining the week long delay to get this episode up. I chose to invest in quality, which I hope will meet the expectations of my dear investors (of time), namely you. 


This weeks episode is based on the idea of asking you questions, in hopes to offer some sort of dialogue, though only internal, about various aspects of your life, feelings, and perceptions thereof. Prepare for a flow of questions and thoughts ranging from Wilderness First Aid to mental stability, offering no answers, unless the one´s you are willing to give, to yourself. 

Music played by Santiago Cardonas, recorded in Granada, Spain, 2016. 

Life is now

We join Icelander Björn Ragnarsson on a personal journey down the Camino de Santiago through his memories and reasons behind his choice. Confronted with darkness, the search for light led him to the pilgrimage which starts in France and ends in Santiago in Spain. Along the way was the process of self discovery, shedding the past and overcoming personal stuff. Known as the Road of Jacob in Icelandic, it is an international attraction with a reach well beyond its christian origin as a pilgrimage.